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100 Best Young Adult Books Of All Time – Vote!

    As YA May continues, I was looking for the definitive answer of WHICH Young Adult books were the best ever … And I found this, over at Time.Com:

    This photo gallery is great, with a pic for each book as well as a short blurb on it. I was pleased to see I’d read a lot more of them than I thought (especially considering my embarrassing turn on the Ultimate YA Quiz last week!). If you’re a YA fan, you’ll want to take a look – it can work as some fab reading recommendations too.

    There’s also a poll, asking you to vote for your favourite YA Book of all time. I was surprised to see a few on there, such as Matilda by Roald Dahl – I would have thought that was more of a ‘tween’ book. The Harry Potter series, too!

    All that said, I think the Anne of Green Gables series is probably my favourite. I loved those books so much! I read the first again recently with my middle child and she loved it too.

    Which YA book is YOUR choice for the best of all time? 

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