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18 Brilliant Stationery Items You Must See Right Now

    Do you love stationery like I do? For me, it all started when I was eight and my aunt bought me a huge Crayola set. It was a small suitcase full of pens, pencils, crayons, and pastels. I loved it.

    In honour of National Stationery Week (24-30th April), here are some of my favourite stationery items. Enjoy!


    When I was ten, I went on holiday to Spain and in a little shop I found a shiny, blue case. Inside was a sharpener, ruler, pencils and a rotating pen holder; take out a pen, replace the pen, rotate the pen holder for another colour! I. Could. Not. Breathe!

    I wanted it so badly. I saved my pocket money every day and finally bought the case. I spent the rest of the holiday making story books. With that in mind, here are some of my favourite stationery brands.

    1) Smiggle

    Smiggle is high quality stationery. The pens last a long time and most of the merchandise stands up to the, ‘kids using your stationery’ test. Smiggle caters for children and adults alike.

    2) Pusheen

    Who doesn’t love a cute, tubby, grey cat? The quality of this set is not to a high standard and it’s rather expensive but kids love it. Worth it for the cuteness factor alone. Actually, there are a lot of men in the Pusheen online fan clubs. Folks who love cats are pawsome!

    3) Kimmidoll

    I adore Kimmidoll. There are a range of products out there featuring different Kimmis.

    I especially like the matching stationery designs and the backstory that comes with each doll.


    My cousin used to collect erasers. One year, she went on holiday to Florida and a waitress asked her if she had any hobbies. My cousin innocently told the American waitress she had a large collection of rubbers. Can you imagine the woman’s horrified face! She means erasers!

    There are so many different types of erasers. We are literally spoilt for choice. For more cool erasers, CLICK HERE.


    When I was twelve, I received a calligraphy and fountain pen set. I treated it like it was the most precious thing in the world, along with my collection of books. The ballpoint is a staple, (excuse the stationery pun!) but these pens are a cut above the rest.


    I used to love writing sets but once email came along the handwritten letter took a hit and these days people rarely practice this form of communication. I like to send handwritten letters every now and again. For even more writing sets, CLICK HERE.


    Here are some weird and wonderful things for your desk. which is your favourite? For more desk tidy ideas, CLICK HERE.

    If anyone finds/has some more really cool stationary, please share links and pics in the comments, I’d love to see it!

    BIO: Emma Pullar is a writer and book reviewer. Her picture book, Curly from Shirley, went to number four on the bestseller list and was named best opening lines by NZ Post. As well as picture books, Emma writes horror, dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal fiction. You can read her short horror story, London’s Crawling, in the Dark Minds charity collection. Follow Emma on Twitter, HERE.

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