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5 Reasons Ebooks Are Better Than Paperbacks by Lucy Adams

    As an admin on Crime Fiction Addict on Facebook, I posed a poll about this subject as you can see HERE, so I was very interested to hear my friend Lucy’s reasons on why she thinks ebooks are better than paperbacks. Do you agree? Or do you think we’re just plain WRONG?? Let us know!!


    How often do you notice people reading in a subway or public transport? And how many of them use e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets?

    Undoubtedly, the share of e-books is rapidly growing. With the latest model of e-reader, you can enjoy a favoUrite novel everywhere and as easy as ABC. Well, if you’re still not sure about whether to buy a Kindle (or similar), I hope these 5 reasons e-books are better than paperbacks will convince you!

    1) Portability & Compactness

    A huge library is now at your service every time your e-reader is at hand. Forget about bulky dictionaries and encyclopedias! E-books are very convenient to pass the time and can always be with you, with FREE e-reading apps available for your phone and tablet, too.

    2) Personalisation

    An e-book allows you to select the typeface, increase or decrease the size of the text and other adjusting manipulations. This is particularly useful for people who have vision problems.

    3) Easy Navigation

    How many times have you tried to recall details of something you have read, but you weren’t able to find the right scene?

    E-books are very useful in terms of navigation: bookmarks and notes, hyperlinks and fast search – all these greatly simplifies reading process. Some e-readers are equipped with speech, which enables listening to the book instead of reading it.

    4) Reduced Price

    As a general rule, electronic books are cheaper than paper ones, as there are lots of deals to be had online. There is also tons of free-to-use literature on the Internet. This means people who do not have much money, and/or who cannot travel to easily to libraries can still enjoy the latest books. What’s not to like??

    5) Environmental Friendliness

    There is one of the most important advantages of e-books in my opinion. The production doesn’t require deforestation and undermining the ecological balance. Also, e-books are completely safe for people with asthma and allergies. Unlike printed books, they do not accumulate paper dust.

    What Future Awaits Paperbacks?

    Paperbacks are beautiful, but too imperfect. They are expensive, inflexible, perishable, and require a complex production cycle. They just can’t keep up with the pace of modernisation.

    The eternal dispute between paperbacks and e-books will be solved by the market. Personally, I believe paper books will eventually be completely replaced by their e-cousins. Home libraries won’t disappear – they will be on our technology instead!

    What do YOU think about this debate? Let us know! 

    BIO: Lucy Adams is a blogger and a loyal BestEssay4You client. This open-hearted woman is fond of music, traveling, marketing, and many other niches. Simply put, Lucy is a generalist. She’s always trying to look at the problem from different angles, which makes her research in-depth and comprehensive.

    4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Ebooks Are Better Than Paperbacks by Lucy Adams”

    1. I do have an e-book app and it has been useful but nothing feels or smells quite as book-like as a book. It’s an intangible thing but an ebook just isn’t the same. Yes if I was going on on voyage and space/weight was at a premium the e-reader wins hands-down but it doesn’t give me the same joy as a physical book. And I love a bookshop, browsing the shelves, seeing the covers, ultimately adding to own library. Displaying them at home, perhaps as my trophies: see, this is my eclectic collection, do you like it, disagree with it, want to read some of it? An e-reader won’t give you that.

      1. Great points! If those things matter to you, then of course paperbacks will score. However, I find myself doing pretty much anything rather than read a paperback — I’d far rather use an e-reader because of their portability. I can use ‘dead time’ like cooking to read that way 🙂

    2. I have a problem reading screens last thing at night, the light affects the ‘sleepy brain’ bit by waking it up. However, on crowded public transport the e reader has to be a winner.

      1. I love the fact with e-readers that you always have a book with you. So if you’re unexpectedly stranded, kept waiting etc you can always read.

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