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BEST OF 3: Enigmatic Female Leads

    Whilst filmmakers and movie audiences seem to be locked in a battle regarding strong female characters, it seems Crime Fiction have got us covered with some GREAT enigmatic female leads! Just chew on these for size — and if you haven’t read them? DO!


    1) TUESDAY FALLING by S. Williams

    Look anywhere in the book blogosphere or on social media and you’ll see recommendations for this book. ‘Tuesday’, the teen girl turned vigilante in this book is both kickass AND morally ambiguous BUT you do find yourself cheering her on, every step of the way. Read my full review, HERE.

    2) UNTOUCHABLE by Ava Marsh

    Too often sex workers are stolen of their voices by well-meaning writers who portray them all as victims and/or drug addicts. But Stella (aka Grace) is a captivating and aborbing 3D heroine who goes into sex work for her own complex reasons, but soon finds herself in over her head when she and some friends ‘entertain’ the wrong guys. Read this in a DAY and it’s well worth it, I’m recommending it constantly. Read my full review, HERE.

    3) THE LIAR’S CHAIR by Rebecca Whitney

    This is a hardgoing read about domestic abuse, but I was enthralled. Rachel, the lead in this story is such a lost soul who will do anything to punish herself for events that were set in motion when she was just a young girl. Whilst she isn’t particularly ‘likeable’ (and indeed, none of the characters really are!), the characterisation is so complex and intricate — it’s worth your time. Read my full review, HERE.


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