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BEST OF 3: Lucy Adams, Freelance Writer

    Perhaps, I’m lucky. My parents have a very rich library, in which there is a lot of classical and modern prose. In my family, reading has always been an integral part of life and I always had an answer to the question of what books are worth reading. After all, “a good book” is not the most popular one, but the one that touches your feelings.

    I want to share with you the best 3 crime fiction I have ever read. I hope you will enjoy them and find some striking quotations like those HERE, too!

    classic best of 3 - GREEN

    1)  In the Woods by Tana French

    No spoilers.

    Jesus Christ! This book is very cool! This book is so mesmerizing that I had to show the wonders of willpower to come unstuck from reading. I have to say that capturing my imagination is not an easy task, but “In the Woods” was completely striking.

    At the first glance, Cassie Maddox and Rob Ryan are just teammates. It may sound sickly-sweet, but the “kinship of souls” is the only term I can use to describe these characters. The main characters are not perfect, but don’t you think that’s an accurate representation of a reality?

    Tana French managed to pull me out of the reality and transfer to the Irish hills with their secrets. This book is written so vividly and figuratively that it gives the reader a sense of belonging.

    In my opinion, the book has nothing lacking. It doesn’t flirt with the reader, or give us all the answers to all questions. Instead, the questions remain even after you finish reading.

    2) An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P.D. James

    The main character of the novel is Cordelia Gray, a young 20 year old girl who’s quite observant and attentive to details despite her inexperience. Her first independent investigation is of the causes of a suicide of Mark Callender in this book.

    Cordelia enthusiastically takes on the case, meeting with Callender’s friends and acquaintances, becoming more and more convinced that the guy was killed … After carefully collecting the facts, Cordelia finds the truth. But I will leave you to find out: was it a murder or a suicide?

    I can say that An Unsuitable Job for a Woman is an easy read as a simple detective story. There is no confrontation between the police and the private detective. On the contrary, there’s mutual respect (perhaps due to the fact that P.D. James worked in various departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

    3) And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

    I started reading this story with great prejudice and reluctance. After not being impressed by “The Thirteen Problems” and “Hickory Dickory Dock,” I did not expect anything interesting from The Queen of Crime Fiction (sorry if I hurt your feelings – just my opinion!).

    Well, I was amazed by this surreal psychological thriller! I worked my way through about five assumptions, but STILL didn’t guess the final reveal! It’s hard to tell about this book without spoilers, so I will admit only three things:

    • The atmosphere was tense to the limit! I was really scared! Even a good contemporary thriller or horror film doesn’t fill me with so much fear.
    • The characters acted with admirable ingenuity. I hope I would have done the same things if I were put in the same circumstances.
    • The finale is so explosive, I couldn’t believe it! .

    Agatha Christie managed to cover almost the whole of society, describing it in not the most flattering way. The book is extremely relevant to our reality.

    BIO: Lucy Adams is an essay writer from a website that writes essays for you. Lucy is a diligent writer who’s always ready to collaborate with readers. Reading and traveling are the two life priorities of this active woman. She always gets a lot of pleasure from studying new areas and discovering new things. Lucy is always contactable, so feel free to ping her to have fun and fruitful communication.

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