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BEST OF 3: Noelle Holten, Book Blogger (aka Crime Book Junkie)

    Many thanks to Noelle Holten (@nholten40) aka Crime Book Junkie who’s recommended her top 3 crime fiction picks for us today!

    If you’re a book blogger and you want to do a Best of 3 like Noelle, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on how to submit. Over to you, Noelle!

    snatched-from-home1)  Snatched From Home by Graham Smith

    WHY I LIKE IT: I love this book because it is not your typical crime fiction. The main character, DI Harry Evans is a cop you hate to love. The author uses the character’s voice to unravel the story and he always delivers some #killerhooks to keep the reader on his/her toes. My detailed review can be found HERE.

    280900932) No Longer Safe by A.J. Waines

    WHY I LIKE IT: I read this book back in January of this year and it is still stuck with me. This is one of those books that simply blows your mind! A psychological thriller that still has me reeling. My detailed review can be found HERE.

    Ciq98IoWkAEDYQl3)  Streets of Darkness by A.A.Dhand

    WHY I LIKE IT: For me, this has got to be the best crime fiction debut of 2016 and sets the bar for any other debuts I will be reading this year! The themes are controversial, the chaos is addictive and the description of the setting has you there in the pages! My detailed review can be found HERE.


    BIO: My name is Noelle and I am in my 40’s. I am an avid reader and by that I mean I am never without a book! By day I am a Senior Probation Officer and by night I read all things crime, my faves being Grit Lit, psychological thrillers and all things murder. I do enjoy Police Procedurals and legal/action thrillers as well. I have recently won the #BestNewcomer Bloggers Award and I am very proud of this achievement! Check out my blog, CRIMEBOOKJUNKIE!

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