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Book Love: How I Picked My Top 20 Crime Fiction Faves

    I get sent A LOT of books to review, plus I just can’t help myself but buy them as well … As a result my house and Kindle is FULL TO THE BRIM!

    My fellow readers and book bloggers often ask me how I handle such an epic TBR pile, but the answer is frustratingly simple: randomly!!! I don’t want my TBR pile to dictate to me, so beyond the occasional, I never outright promise reviews to anyone (even writer friends and my own publisher!). This allows me to keep my brain ‘fresh’ and I never grow tired of wonderful books.

    What I often do though is create themes and categories to read ‘to’, just to mix things up. Just recently I decided to make it Dystopian November, for example — I read as many dystopian books I could in one month.

    So when THE Book Club on Facebook (#TBConFB) asked me to take part in their 20/20 Book Blogger event, this was the PERFECT opportunity to theme my books as one of their ‘crime’ bloggers. Here’s how I picked all 20 books I’ve talked about this week CLICK HERE to see my actual picks. Enjoy!

    You can see all 20 of my book picks HERE.

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