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INFOGRAPHIC: Teach Yourself To Speed Read

    Even though I try hard not to take on too many reviews, I’ve still somehow managed to clock up approximately 50 books on my e-reader and two shelves worth of books in my study (probably another thirty or so).

    Oh and that’s not even including all my ‘want to reads’ on my goodreads profile. Eeeek!

    Apparently, this makes me a bit of novice on the ‘to be read’ stakes though – I’m told some of my fellow book bloggers have literally hundreds, sometimes even THOUSANDS on theirs!

    But with so many great books on our TBR piles, we definitely need to speed read to be in with a chance of getting through our Kindle queues and piles of books!

    So if you’re not sure how to speed read yet, then check out this great infographic! I’m going in …

    How to Train Yourself to Speed Read

    From Visually.

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