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Top 10 Gifts For The Book Lover In Your Life

    1) One-Of-A-Kind Journals 

    I love these notebooks in the shapes of letters. They remind me of the alpha-blocks babies play with. Remember them?!? Awww.


    And like a typical GIRL I can’t resist a unicorn … And I love stationery … so UNICORN STATIONERY is a big winner. Wooden cover too?? I’m in heaven!!!


    2) Unusual Book End

    This is fun … Though I fear it wouldn’t be big enough for *my* TBR pile … just sayin’.


    3) Fairytale bag 

    Red Riding Hood is my total favourite fairytale … there’s something about a young girl going into the woods and being propositioned by a wolf that’s dark and intriguing. In fact, I actually put a literary allusion to the story in my book, The Other Twin, out next year. I’ve been dropping hints like mad so hopeful my husband will get me this bag for Christmas!!


    4) Typewriter Key Necklace

    I actually learned to type on a typewriter and have always felt ever since there’s something much more ORGANIC about them than boring laptops. I love the idea of wearing the keys as a necklace.


    5) Miniature Book Charms

    I adore these, they’re so clever. Every book lover should have one — OR TEN!!!


    6) Library Kit

    This is a fun kit — I can see my middle child really going for this. She already has her own library in her bedroom … Her only customer is her little sister, but everyone has to start somewhere!


    7) Library Card Socks 

    Socks are normally a DULL present, but they *are* practical, so these socks will brighten up someone’s day and be useful … Two for one.



    9) Bronte Sisters Tape

    I don’t really know what you’d use this for. BUT I MUST HAVE IT NOW. NOW!!!


    9) Maya Angelou ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Tights

    ‘Phenomenal woman’ is one of my favourite poems by Angelou – she was a huge inspiration to me when I was a teenage mother … I read every volume of her autobiography and promised myself I would be a pro writer like her. Plus, it’s winter – so these tights are a MUST!


    10) Literary Lucky Dip Box

    Aaaaand if you’re REALLY stuck (or you’ve bought all sorts of literary gifts for your bookish beau already), why not try a MYSTERY load of gifts?? Apparently, this lovely lucky dip haul contains a variety of bookish jewellery, stationery and accessories, such as necklaces, notebooks, pocket mirrors and bookmarks. Nice!


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