Top 10 Reading Spaces To Curl Up With A Book

All these reading spaces found on Pinterest.

1) Rose Tipi

I adore this, but fear I’d rather just look at it, than read an actual book inside. Also, I know one – or possibly ALL – of my six cats will take up residence in it.


2) Deluxe window seat

Again, cats would take this over. Or my kids. Harrumph. also, being a total MUM I can’t help but think that fabric’s gonna show up clllllllll the stains …


3) Bed canopy

Now THIS I might have a chance of doing. Some fabric, some fairy lights and Bob’s your uncle. Plus I do most of my reading in bed and I’m under the eaves in my house … !!


4) Attic spot

I’d need an attic. It’s the one desperately uncool thing about new houses – lack of attics. I remember going to friends’ houses when I was growing up … Many of them lived on farms and had awesome attics. They were freezing, but swings and roundabouts and all that.


5) Understairs space

This is a really clever usage of the space under your stairs … provided you don’t have a cupboard underneath them already, of course.


6) Bed Nook

Looks a bit squished to me, but perfect for a child under ten.


7) Shabby chic window seat

I guess it means you’re old when you start liking shabby chic. This is lovely though and kids aren’;t as likely to take it over.


8) Pink window seat

A nice, functional place – looks like a landing too, so might be quieter than those downstairs.


9) Understairs nook

Another clever use of understairs space. Particularly useful for a child’s playroom if you’re one of those lucky people with a gigantic house (or not many kids or cats, unlike me).


10) Corner space

I think I like this one the best because you could put it literally ANYWHERE you’ve got a bit of corner space. It’s functional and could be taken doing easily if needs be, but it also would feel special.

Now where’s my book …


All these reading spaces found on Pinterest.

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