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Why You SHOULD Judge A Book By Its Cover

    Cover Up

    Readers are often asked not to judge a book by its cover … but fact is, we ALL do!! Colours, pictures, fonts, layout … it all becomes part of the reader experience.

    We live in a visual age now more than ever, so it stands to reason then that psychologically, readers are actively put off by bad covers. Books with bad covers tend to have poorer sales than ones with great and even iconic covers. Read more about this phenomenon, HERE.

    So, I thought this quiz from Buzzfeed was fun … They’ve taken the titles and authors off twenty classic novels. Can you identify which is which? Shockingly, I only got 10 out of the 20 – a lowly 50%!! Eek!

    Can you do better? CLICK HERE or on the pic above.

    Book Design

    Talking of book covers, I also found a great site for bibliophiles called Book By Its Cover which celebrates everything about the printed page from a design perspective.

    To check out this fascinating site, CLICK HERE or on the pic below. Enjoy!

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