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About Lizzie Fry

Lizzie And Lucy

Lizzie Fry is the pseudonym of Lucy V Hay, a script editor,  author and blogger who helps writers. 

Lizzie is the author of The Coven, a dystopian thriller for Sphere Books which asks readers to imagine a world in which witchcraft is real, passed down mother to daughter … and men will do absolutely everything they can to stop them. 

A fan of such books as The Handmaid’s Tale and A Discovery of Witches, the idea came to Lizzie because she lives in Devon. It was one of the hardest hit areas in England during the witch hunts of the middle ages. There are many monuments to these murdered women in and around the South West. Exeter is officially the first and last place in the UK to hang a witch, which is why Lizzie chooses to kick off the story there.   

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You can find Lizzie online on the following platforms … Be warned though, there’s sweary witchy shenanigans! 

Plus of course you can also follow Lizzie as her Lucy V Hay alter ego too! 

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