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Best of 3: True Crime Books

    As crime fiction authors, we need to do our research … So here’s three of my favourite true crime books I’ve read recently!

    true crime best of 3

    1) The Innocent Killer by Michael Griesbach

    A detailed and fascinating look at the Steven Avery case in America, subject of the MAKING A MURDERER TV series. I don’t want to say too much about this book, except it’s eminently readable and very much recommended – it asks some difficult and intriguing questions of the reader, too. Check it out! Read my whole review, HERE.

    2) The Man Who Returned From The Dead by John M. Myers

    If you’re expecting THE REVENANT, avoid this book. This non fiction account is very enlightening, but nothing like the movie. It’s hardgoing to read too: extremely violent, plus it’s ye olde in terms of writing style. That said, if you want a no-holds-barred account of Hugh Glass’ fascinating life as a whole, then this book has it all in glorious technicolour. I was GLUED to it. Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) When She Was Bad by Patricia Pearson

    Society insists that women are not inherently violent, so when they are, it’s often blamed on men in some way: the women in question were abused and/or manipulated; it was self defence and so on. Patricia Pearson puts this assumption under the microscope and comes up with some compelling evidence to the contrary. Incredibly challenging at times, what’s particularly interesting is the fact this book is twenty years old yet we’ve moved forward so little in this area in terms of feminist commentary. A real eye-opener. Read my whole review, HERE.


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    2 thoughts on “Best of 3: True Crime Books”

    1. A fascinating selection, Lucy. I’ve been researching for my next book where the husband is a victim of domestic abuse. Seems we’re still not able to move on from the narrative you talk about. Must check Pearson’s book out. Cheers!

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