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10 Fantastic Book Shelf Ideas

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of an instagram addict. I only joined a few weeks ago, but already I’ve become completely glued to people’s photos … for a surprising reason.

    I just LOVE to browse the #bookshelf hashtag. I don’t know why, but it’s really compelling to me to see how people arrange their books. And it seems I’m not alone … With literally millions of posts about bookshelves online, it seems loads of us can’t get enough! Here’s my current TBR shelf:


    It’s nothing too *out there* but it’s MINE! Loads of great titles there, plus lots of stationery and my beloved bell mobile. (When I get stuck writing, I will reach up and brush the bells with my fingers, cos they’re right over my desk).

    But it’s with amazing book shelves in mind that I had a quick poke around online today to see what I could find from other people’s homes … Enjoy!

    1) Book Star


    If you love books and want to make your shelf a focal point in your home, this is ace. It looks impressive and shouldn’t be too difficult to make yourself given it’s made up entirely of box shelves.

    Well, I say that, I’m not handy at all!! But if you have a head for maths in terms of measuring and the DIY skills, you should be okay. Found on Pinterest.

    2) Pipe Shelf 


    This one looks pretty minimalist, but I bet it’s harder than it looks to make it! Pretty cool though, especially in a ‘classic’ bachelor pad. Found at The Snug.

    3) America Shelf


    Why not arrange your books as an entire country? Found on LifeHack.

    4) Bedroom Bookshelf


    I don’t need any incentive to stay in bed reading, so if this was my room I’d NEVER get up and go to work!!

    5) Hanging Book Shelves


    These are really unusual, but I bet they’re not child-friendly – no kid could resist knocking them and making them sway back and forth, surely? Found on RafadEv.

    6) Staircase shelves


    Staircases can be ‘dead’ space in a house, so if you have enough room to make use of them like this, I’m envious!

    7) Tree Trunk Bookcase


    The link between books and trees is obvious, so this bookcase is not only GORGEOUS, but very apt. Found on IndustryStandardDesign.

    8) Rustic Bookcases 


    I can just imagine an author like PD James or Agatha Christie writing in an office like this. Found on FashionSchoolGuide.

    9) Floating Bookcases


    I love how the books seem to LOOM out of the wall here, so cool!

    10) Corner Tree BookShelf


    I think this one is my favourite. I might even see if I can get my husband to knock me one up … Given it’s taken him eight months to just hang the towel rail, I might get one by 2019!! Found on Pinterest.

    BONUS!! One last one … 

    Lawks, what on earth is going on here?? Can’t help but feel it would be a lot less hassle to put a flatpack together! But each to their own I guess.  Happy reading!


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