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10 Ways To Organise Your Book Collection

    The way you organise your book collection can make all the difference in finding your favourite classics with ease. How you organise your books will depend on your style and the way you want it to look visually.

    If you’re a creative decorator, you may want to stack vertically or incorporate fun elements, like plants or home decor, throughout the shelving or bookcase. If you’re a family of book lovers, you may want to arrange your collection so the kids can easily access their books. Regardless of your goal, there’s an organisation style perfect for you. I must confess, I am a big fan of number 7!

    In reorganising, you’ll have the chance to declutter or get rid of some books that may have been collecting dust. Check out one of the 10 ways to organise your books in the visual below to find the perfect method for you.

    Enjoy and many thanks to Wayfarer for this brilliant graphic.


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