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Guest Posts On The LVH Site

    Calling Authors And Readers

    This blog is all about books and reading. We ALWAYS wants to hear from readers, authors, screenwriters, book bloggers and everyone else who LOVES books and reading as much as we do.

    So, if this is you, then be sure to get in touch!

    On this site:

    1. BOOK VS. FILM – We particularly LOVE comparisons of books and their movie adaptations
    2. BOOK LOVE – do you absolutely LOVE a particular book, series or genre? Let us know what it is and why, like these posts did
    3. HOW I WROTE – are you a published author or produced screenwriter? Then let us know how you wrote your project and give us the inside view of it!
    4. INFOGRAPHICSCheck out our amazing reading and book graphics – do you have one to share?
    5. GENERAL GUEST POSTS – We love guest posts about reading, reading-related products, author quotes, genre … you name it!

    So You Know …

    Most popular. The most popular posts on this site are the ‘Book Versus Film’ case studies. If you are looking to get valuable clickthru to your Amazon pages and sites, these BvF posts can get eyes on them (in some cases, months and even years after they’re published. Pick a classic or controversial book/film to take advantage of this).

    In the case studies, writers look at the adapted versions of books in film (or TV, where appropriate) and decide which is the ‘best’ and WHY, based on craft reasons (not just personal opinion). So far we’ve covered everything from literary classics, historical, horror, crime fiction, YA, dystopian, you name it. You can see all of the case studies HERE.  

    Second most popular guest posts … Infographics about reading or books. All you need to do is create a short intro of approx 250-300 words about the subject covered in the infographic. (Note: You don’t have to have to made the infographics yourself – check out sites like – though you do have to credit the maker).

    Third most popular … Top 5 – 10 lists of books, all based around a theme. You are permitted to include your own book in the list. Here are some examples:

    Other reading and book-related posts are welcome, however. Articles about managing TBR piles, literary and author quotes, literature quizzes,  favourite reading and writing products, weird book-related words etc are also welcome.

    Email me today!

    Get in contact on Looking forward to hearing from you.

    NB. I want to shout about books and help my fellow authors get their messages out. This site gets in excess of 25+ page views yearly, plus I can promise shares in my Bang2write platform too which is even larger. I don’t get paid for this however, which means I am afraid I cannot pay for guest posts. If you are looking for paid dues post opportunities, CLICK HERE.

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