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8 Weird Book-Related Words You Need To Know


    If you’re a book lover, changes are you’re a word lover too – or as it’s known, a LOGOPHILE (makes me think of something else, tbf!).

    But of course it’s the collection of words into stories for our READING pleasure that we love on this site … So I’ve collected up eight weird book-related words all of us ought to start using right away!

    I think number eight is my favourite, what about you?? Enjoy …

    1) Yup, I’m totally one of these …


    2) OMG how could anyone do this?!?


    3) That’s ME!!! **buffs nails**


    4) Never knew this …


    5) We all hate these people … amirite??


    6) Yup, I’m one of these too …


    7) Hate it when this happens!!!


    8) Turns out there’s a word for that ever-increasing TBR pile!!


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