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Banned Books: Is Your Favourite On The List?

    It’s Banned Books Week

    Books have been seen as dangerous since we first started writing them. And in 2019, governments around the world continue to censor them.

    From American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis (Australia) to The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa (Cuba) to all works by political activist Liu Xiaobo in China, including his critically acclaimed No Enemies, No Hatred, governments try to restrict what their citizens can read.

    Even in the United States where books aren’t allowed to be banned, thanks to the Supreme Court, libraries and schools can still curb what books are available.

    In the last week of September each year, the American Library Association team up with Amnesty International for Banned Books Week. The event showcases books that are currently restricted by libraries and schools in the United States.

    Many thanks to GE Editing for this illuminating infographic. Check out further details about banned books from all around the world, HERE or by clicking on the pic below. Shocking stuff!

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