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Best of 3: Child Abduction Novels


    It’s said there is only a certain number of stories, so it’s not surprising that many crime novels have essentially the “same” concept behind them at grass roots level.

    Child abduction is every parent’s worst nightmare, plus horrifying, unsolved true-life accounts like Madeleine McCann and Ben Needham stay in the public consciousness. So as a result, child abduction remains very much part of crime fiction.

    In my picks for “Best of 3”, I’m going to be looking at 3 of my favourite child abduction novels of recent times:

    1) After Anna by Alex Lake 

    What I really liked here was the fact this is not the “usual” child abduction plot. Very often the return of the child marks the end of the story, but that’s not the case here. What’s more, the author’s decimation of our tabloid/social media culture of blame is really interesting. A really well-written, intriguing book. See my whole review, HERE.

    2) The Girl In The Red Coat by Kate Hamer

    The terror of losing a child is so well done here. The visuals here in this book are so evocative, not least the girl in the red coat herself, Carmel. Hamer hints at a supernatural element in this book, but is never overt with it; this really works.  Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt 

    I really liked the premise and felt our protagonist’s doubts about her own innocence made this story really compelling. I felt like it could be a movie, it has screenplay adaptation written all over it. Read my own review, HERE.


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    2 thoughts on “Best of 3: Child Abduction Novels”

    1. A very intriguing list, but I disagree every time someone claims that abduction is a parent’s worst nightmare, because it’s not. Death is a parent’s worst nightmare. A reunion is still possible in the case of abduction.

      1. Death brings acceptance eventually. Abduction, if resolved for good or ill, brings the same … but if unresolved and the child is missing forever, that does not happen.

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