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BEST OF 3: Claire Knight, Book Blogger

    Delighted to turn the blog over to guest reviewer Claire from Crime Book Junkie today – Claire has themed her picks into ‘Twists In The Tale’ — if you want to see my list with these theme, click HERE or on the pic. Over to you, Claire!

    BEST OF 3 - TWISTS 2

    I love a book with a twist especially if I don’t see it coming. The three books I’ve picked are books I’ve read in 2016 that I have loved the twist. I have read some fantastic books this year but these are the ones that have stood out to me so far. (By the way, I did write this whilst I was reading Clare Mackintosh’s I See You … Another cracking read with an unexpected twist!)

    1) My Girl by Jack Jordan

    Oh lordy the twist in this #nospoiler … iIt’s totally unbelievable. Jack’s main character is totally unreliable with her addiction to drink and prescription drugs with grief following the suicide of her husband and her missing daughter never being found. It tugs at every emotion … but the twist!!! It was the hardest review I had to write as the twist is not at the end!

    2) In the Shadows by Tara Lyons

    This is Tara’s debut solo novel and it just kept me guessing at each chapter right to the end. As I wrote my review for this crime thriller, I referred back to the prologue and I re-read that opening chapter. What I didn’t expect was I read it with an entirely different perspective and I highly recommend any one who reads the book to go back and re-read the prologue.

    3) The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

    I have loved Mark’s work since I read The Magpies back in 2013. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Mark’s latest book The Devil’s Work in preparation for an Author Chat that Mark organised over the weekend of the Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate. For me, this is one of Mark’s best. It kept me engrossed and I just wanted to keep reading to find out who the tormentor was!

    BIO: Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a bookaholic. I’ve loved reading since forever. My love for books and particularly for mystery and crime books started with the Famous Five, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The dark world of crime and thrillers are my favourite but I do go for a lighter fluffier read every-so-often. I guest review for CrimeBookJunkie which I love – I’ve discovered so many new authors since Noelle signed me up!

    For more ‘BEST OF 3’ picks with twists in the tale,


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