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Best of 3: Crime Short Stories

    Even though I love love LOVE reading, sometimes it can be a Busman’s holiday – I read screenplays all day at work, plus I’m writing (and rewriting!) chapters, articles and reports all day … So sometimes, the LAST thing I want to do is go and open a book for relaxation too.

    This is where short stories come in handy. The great thing about the Kindle is that your favourite authors are often releasing short and (not so) sweet crime stories, sometimes free, but often low cost. When I’ve got ‘reading fatigue’, they’re just the ticket! Here’s 3 of my recent faves …


    1) NO REMORSE by Paula Daly

    As I’ve mentioned before, I am a HUUUGE Paula Daly fan, so couldn’t resist this short set in the same story world as her DC Joanne Aspinall series. What I love about Daly’s work is how she’s unafraid to take on big issues, but she always does it without judgement and even, where appropriate, a gentle humour. See my full review, HERE and Paula’s great writing article here: 5 Things To Remember When Writing A Mystery Or Thriller

    2) CONTROLLED EXPLOSIONS by Claire McGowan

    I love the Paula McGuire series and this serves as a GREAT intro to the series if you’ve not read them before. A prequel to when Paula was just a teenager (and around the time of her mother’s disappearance), this is evocative writing that really paints the 90s backdrop SO well … Impulse body spray, anyone?? Read my full review, HERE.

    3) THE GROWN UP by Gillian Flynn 

    Flynn was the crime fiction/ thriller author who really switched me on to the genre and made me feel like I could have a go, so I’m always all over her work … THE GROWN UP is actually her funniest work yet, it had my laughing out loud. There’s a solid mystery element but as ever, it’s the characters that really catch my attention. Check out my full review, HERE.

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