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Best of 3: Dangerous Liaisons

    Psychological thrillers can be filled with mystery and intrigue, so ones with lashings of SEX and dangerous liaisons can REALLY ratchet up the tension! Here’s 3 of my recent fave hot reads … Enjoy!


    1) Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

    What I loved about this book is you *think* you know what is going on, but as the story unravels, you’re plunged even deeper into the mystery. The relationship between X & Y was realistic, yet hot – and it’s great these are characters in their 50s for a change. I was genuinely shocked by the sting in the tale, too. I couldn’t put this down, it’s truly an ADDICTIVE story! Read my whole review, HERE.

    2) Never Tell by Claire Seeber

    What I loved about this book was the characters. Everyone is not *quite* what you expect, which is really refreshing. The visuals were excellent, so the dangerous liaison between Danny and Rose was what really pulled me in … Its conclusion was satisfying,  but I’d read the hell out of another book with these two characters in if they reunite! Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) Second Life by SJ Watson

    I really liked BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP and thought SJ Watson would not be able to top it, but I lovedlovedloved SECOND LIFE. From the offset this is a slick, hot and enthralling read … We know Julia is getting in over her head with the too-good-to-be-true Lukas, but we can’t put our finger on why. When we do, it’s shocking! Read my whole review, HERE.

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