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Best of 3: Dark And Disastrous Pasts

    Having a dark or secret past might be an obvious place to start a mystery or psychological thriller, but pulling it off in a book is NO mean feat! Here are three great books I think did this exceptionally well – enjoy! Don’t forget to friend me on Goodreads, HERE.


    1) The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood

    Like in Ruth Dugdall’s book, Marwood asks the same uncomfortable questions about society and how we create children capable of such monstrous acts. Marwood’s is subtly different in that she subverts our expectations with her story –  I read both the books back to back and they compliment each other really well. Check ’em out! Read my whole review, HERE.

    2)  Humber Boy B by Ruth Dugdall

    What I love about this novel is it is dark and brutal, completely unrelenting. It puts culpability and personal responsibility under the spotlight and questions all our places in society when children like Humber Boy B are churned up and spat out. The Hollywood version of this book would shy away from its shocking conclusion, but ex-probation officer Dugdall does not let us off the hook. One of my top picks of 2015, for sure. Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

    I loved the story and characters in this one, but most of all, the amazing visuals. I’ve never really thought about The Falkland Islands before, yet Bolton’s breathtaking description really captivated me. Even the most hardgoing scene with the whales was somehow beautiful in its horror. Not for the faint-hearted, though! Read my whole review, HERE.

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