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BEST OF 3: Halloween Horrors, picked by book blogger Ellen Devonport

    1) The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp

    WHY I LIKE IT:  As soon as I finished this book I wanted to read the whole thing again which no other book has never made me feel like!! It is genuinely creepy in places and had me running up the stairs when the lights were off. Told through Jack’s journal entries/letters etc we are led to believe one thing but will then read a message from the people he dealt with on his journey into the supernatural and everything changes.

    Don’t read if you have an overactive imagination…..ghosts and demons aren’t real. Are they?!

    2) A Head full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

    WHY I LIKE IT: This is one of those books that will stay on your mind for a long time after finishing it. I listened on audible and was absolutely chilled to the core. Is it a story of demonic possession or of a troubled teenage girl desperate to help her family? Just as you are leaning towards one you are pushed into an alternative opinion. I loved how parts of the story were told via a blog; it gave a welcome relief from the creeping horror and appealed to my geek side!

    3) The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    WHY I LIKE IT: This short story was written in 1892 and it terrified me. Of all the books I have ever read this gave me the worst nightmares EVER, it’s not gory but the way we witness the young woman in the story descend into madness and how she is ignored by loved ones really got under my skin. Is her husband her jailer or loving spouse trying to protect her?! The thought that this is how mental health was dealt with at one time totally unnerves me.

    BIO: Ellen is an avid reader of all genres and guest reviewer over at Follow her on Twitter as @Ellendevonport.

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