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Best of 3: Home Is Where The Hurt Is

    For some people, the home is unfortunately one of the worst places to be … Because it’s not safe, or because loved ones leave or lie to us.

    Here’s three of my favourite, recent crime/mystery books that have dealt with this. Don’t forget you can friend me on Goodreads HERE, or by clicking the pic.

    Home is where the hurt is

    1) The Missing Husband by Amanda Brooke

    What I love about this book is its simplicity and authenticity – Jo’s plight could be literally any woman’s. What DOES happen when your husband just walks out, especially if things have not been good between you lately? We go through the gamut of emotions with Jo, desperate for David to return; then to rot in hell! But when the truth is finally uncovered, it’s more devastating than we can imagine. Read my whole review, HERE.

    2) In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings

    Taking its lead from child abduction cases like many other crime/mystery novels before it (LINK), Jennings does something different: what if you grow up, to discover your whole life has been a lie? Bella’s quest to discover her real identity after finding out she was stolen from her family as a little child is mesmerising. Very much recommended. Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) Between You And Me by Lisa Hall 

    Charlie and Sal have the perfect life … Or do they? Dealing with the thorny issue of domestic abuse, Hall reminds us of our own expectations and prejudices by using them against us. Masterful. Read my whole review, HERE.


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