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Best of 3: Indie Crime Fiction

    I love my Kindle because it’s so easy to access books I’m interested in, but I also love the fact it’s pulled barriers right down … Now anyone can upload their work and all that’s necessary is a DAMN GOOD STORY!

    It also means there are more short stories and novellas out there – some of them FREE! My fave price – than ever before. I love shorter forms too because they’re great ‘tasters’ of what writers can do, plus as mentioned last week, sometimes we can get reading fatigue.

    So here’s a selection of indie crime writers to watch out for — enjoy!


    1) BLACKWATER LAKE by Maggie James 

    I read this recently in one sitting on a train. The perfect journey read, BLACKWATER LAKE follows the fates of a man who discovers his parents have been hiding a dark secret … Under layers and layers of detritus hoarded in their house! This was a fascinating insight to hoarding, with appealing characters. Well worth a read. Check out my full review, HERE.


    This is an enjoyable box set of short stories that benefit from Smith’s trademark wit. There’s a surreal element to the stories, with a real visual potential that sucks you in. I was reminded very much of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and other such classic tales.  If you enjoy ‘cosy crime’, you’ll definitely enjoy these stories which are convoluted yet clever, without being OTT. Read my full review, HERE.

    3) A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS by Stevie Turner

    Turner does an admirable job here of bringing forth a terrible crime and its aftermath. The characters are three dimensional and authentic, with the reader asked some uncomfortable questions on the nature of ‘sins of the father’. What most impressed me however was the resolution: even though our antagonist has done heinous things, he is not a comic book villain. Recommended. Read my full review, HERE.

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