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BEST OF 3: Louise Mullins, Author

    305090331) Distress Signals, Catherine Ryan Howard

    WHY I LIKE IT: This exceptionally well-written debut by Irish crime thriller author, Catherine Ryan Howard seamlessly portrays 3D characters, alongside beautifully descriptive prose, leaving the reader with hanging on the edge of their seat at the end of each chapter. The story involving a missing woman from a cruise ship is a subject I haven’t read before and was both intriguing and enlightening.

    img_02462) Local Girl Missing, Claire Douglas

    WHY I LIKE IT: The theme of underage sex, grooming and murder is explored through beautiful language, clever twists and turns and the final revelations regarding the local missing woman made perfect sense in the end. I both didn’t want this book to end and couldn’t get through it quickly enough. A perfect combination that left its mark with me once I’d put it down.

    lying-in-wait3) Lying In Wait, Liz Nugent

    WHY I LIKE IT: An Irish author who is original in her subject matter and the way she explores the psychology of her characters, Liz Nugent’s recent title left me wondering who really was responsible for the murder described on page 1, and why the lead was involved. Liz’s ability to describe who-done-its and give her readers an insight into the antagonist’s mindset fascinates me. This story is told with a fresh voice and the ending was both awful and brilliantly authentic.

    BIO: Louise Mullins is a qualified psychological therapist, trainee forensic psychologist and author who uses her professional experiences working with offenders and survivors of serious crimes to write psychological crime thrillers which explore the darker aspects of life. Dubbed the queen of domestic noir she is not opposed to exploring gritty, taboo subjects. She lives in Bristol with her husband and three children. Follow her on Twitter as @MullinsAuthor.

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