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BEST OF 3: Lucy V Hay, author


    I-Let-You-Go-652x1024[1]I LET YOU GO by Clare Mackintosh. It takes a LOT to catch me out when it comes to twists – as a script editor, I’m primed for them as I’m constantly helping writers structure and plot. So imagine my surprise when this story not only got me on the backfoot, it got me TWICE. Kudos to Mackintosh. Read my full review, HERE (no spoilers).


    Second-Life3[1]SECOND LIFE by SJ Watson. I enjoyed Watson’s first book BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, but this one really captured my attention. From the offset, we’re deeply inside our protagonist’s (oppressed) mind, so we can believe she would risk everything for a taste of the forbidden. Best of all, it’s sexy as hell!! Read my full review, HERE (no spoilers).

    just-what-kind-of-mother-are-you1[1]JUST WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? by Paula Daly.

    The concept behind this book is every parent’s worst nightmare: a child is missing and it’s YOUR FAULT. I think there’s only one thing worse than your own child being lost and that’s losing someone else’s. This book preys on our deepest fears and offers up believable and authentic characterisation, with sharp observations on what it is to be a modern working mother. Read my full review, HERE (no spoilers).

    BIO: Lucy V Hay is an author, blogger, producer and script editor. She is the writer of The Decision: Lizzie’s Story, various screenwriting books and as-yet-untitled crime novel.


    We want to hear all about your three favourite crime/mystery books. CLICK HERE for details.

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