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BEST OF 3: Niraj Kapur, Author, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur

    In 2010, I had a mid-life crisis after I lost my job in the recession and couldn’t pay the bills.

    After months of struggling, feeling sorry for myself and failing to improve, I thankfully discovered personal development.

    Wandering through WH Smith newsagents, too embarrassed to venture into the self-help section, a magazine called SUCCESS caught my attention – the headline read something like, How to improve your life.

    Just what I was looking for – the signal. The sign. The knowledge that a higher being was looking out for me. Inside the magazine included topics such as:

    • Being the best you can be.
    • How to overcome doubt.
    • Have an attitude for gratitude.

    We all struggle at different stages of our life. I started off at the bottom of the corporate ladder in 1994 and through grit and resilience, got promoted, had several pay rises, lots of luck, some bosses who were inspiring and colleagues that I enjoyed working with. Losing my job knocked my confidence in spectacular fashion.

    Once I start reading 1 hour a day on personal development, everything changed.

    • I took 100% responsibility for my problems.
    • I gave 10% of everything I earned to good causes.
    • My life improved quickly.

    People who have seen my transformation often ask me what books I can recommend them.

    Irish people love talking. Indian people love talking. Being a mixture of both, I REALL LOVE talking, so it gives me enormous pleasure going through my home library and talking about books that have helped me most. There’s so many to choose from. Here’s my top 3.

    1) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

    Darren was the publisher of SUCCESS magazine for many years. A master storyteller, his book is about how small habits done consistently every day make all the difference. It also talks about how to win, the secrets of successful people and has many quotes from his mentor, Jim, Rohn, known to many as the father of personal development.

    2) The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

    Mel Robbins has over 11 million views on Youtube for her Ted talk, “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.” When you read this book, you’ll understand why. The 5 Second Rule helps transform your life, overcome anxiety, become more confident and develop a powerful mindset. The book is full of testimonials from people whose lives have been changed forever by Mel.

    3) View From The Top by Aaron Walker

    Recognition from Dave Ramsey, world expect on finance; Ken Blanchard, author One Minute Manager; and John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire, makes View From The Top a must-read. It takes your thinking to a higher level with inspiration and gives advice that helps you lead a life of significance and meaning. This is the first book I connected with which talked about the importance of faith and success.


    Thanks, Niraj!

    BIO: Everybody Works in Sales by Niraj Kapur is designed to help you do better in your career because we ALL work in sales! Available now on Kindle and paperback. BUY IT HERE.

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