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BEST OF 3 – Nordic Noir


    1) BLOOD ON SNOW by Jo Nesbo

    I’d heard lots of good things about Jo Nesbo, but just never got around to reading any of his stuff … Then I found this in a bargain bin for 50p at a charity shop! It’s so short, a novella really, plus I love a good hitman story. I wasn’t disappointed. Olav is so morally ambiguous, yet freakily you kind of get where he’s coming from … His warped logic makes sense! Plus we have the whole gorgeous Scandinavian backdrop. Perfect dark noir, with a fabulous sting-in-the-tale ending. Recommended. Nesbo has found a fan for life in me, now! Read my full review, HERE.

    2) THE ICE BENEATH HER by Camilla Grebe

    I got this in my goody bag at Harrogate. As everyone knows, I love a good unreliable narrator and/or enigmatic lead and this book has THREE! I was blown away by the characters here — you’re never entirely sure what’s going on or who’s telling the truth, it’s like you’re being pulled into a bad dream. Like so much Nordic Noir, the backdrop really helps inform the story and that twist, WOW! Read my full review, HERE.

    3) THE BIRD TRIBUNAL by Agnes Ravatn 

    Again, another VERY short book – but if you’re a fan of literary fiction, this is *just right*. A two-hander for the most part, this is the tale of a deeply dysfunctional, obsessive relationship. I saw shades of Daphne Du Maurier’s REBECCA and Gillian Flynn’s SHARP OBJECTS, not to mention some allusions towards Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Gorgeously visual, a nightmarescape of longing and mistaken and frustrated desire, this unusual book is well worth a read. Read my full review, HERE.

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