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Best of 3: Not For The Faint-Hearted!

    My Best of 3 today is not for the faint-hearted … These are the crime fiction books I’ve read lately that feature EXTREME and GRAPHIC VIOLENCE!

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    1) Desecration by J. F Penn

    I’m a big fan of @thecreativepenn and her advice and resources for writers, but I realised I’d never read any of her novels when I saw an offer for Desecration on BritCrime. I’m obsessed with WW2, especially the work of the evil Josef Mengeles, so this was right up my alley … and made me read the rest in the London Psychic trilogy. Gory and graphic, with a supernatural edge, this has enough to please any crime/horror fans. Read my whole review, HERE.

    2) The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

    Set in Exeter, Devon (near where I live), The Teacher shows rural areas can be JUST as violent and horrifying as any dark metropolis. A story principally of revenge the deaths are – shall we say – “imaginative” as well as horrifying. However, the most horrifying element in my opinion is how we end up on the murderer’s side!! Read my whole review, HERE.

    3) Stalkers by Paul Finch

    I’m not normally big on police procedurals, but since Paul Finch is an ex-copper himself I was prepared to give his DS Heckenburg novels a try. Following the ominous-sounding Nice Guys’ Club, Heck must try and break into an underground gang who stalks and preys on vulnerable young women. Lots of books that focus on violence against women feel exploitative to me, reducing female characters to pieces of meat … But that’s not the case here. All the women in this story are three dimensional and rounded, such a breath of fresh air. Read my who review, HERE.

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