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BEST OF 3: Olivia Brennan, Freelance Writer

    If you recognise the name “Olivia Brennan”, that’s because she’s my glamorous assistant over at my writing tips site, Bang2write, at the moment! Check out her B2W articles, HERE.


    And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

    WHY I LIKE IT: Considered by many as Agatha Christie’s most famous novel, and I can understand why. Eight strangers arrive on an island, having been lured there for different reasons. It soon becomes clear that these eight strangers each hide a terrible secret which they must pay a price for, with their lives.

    I LOVED the unexpected twists and turns in this book as each death echoed the line of a nursery rhyme. The tension builds with every death as the stakes are raised, and trying to figure out who the killer is ends up near enough impossible. Agatha Christie’s masterpiece kept me guessing right until the end!

    the lieThe Lie by C.L Taylor

    WHY I LIKE IT: Jane Hughes is leading a seemingly perfect life, until one day she receives a message ‘I know your name’s not really Jane Hughes.’ Jane has been found out, her real name is Emma and Emma has tried to bury her past life for a reason.
    Years ago a relaxing girls’ holiday turned into a nightmare with deadly consequences. The Lie is able to weave past and present with palpable tension in this complex and at times very frightening thriller. Although some of the characters are hard to like, it contributes to Emma’s trials along this rollercoaster ride where anybody can be capable of anything.

    41+6oKeroSL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

    WHY I LIKE IT: Estelle Paradise wakes up in hospital, unable to remember anything. There was a car accident, but that’s not all. Her baby daughter Mia has gone missing. I was gripped with Estelle’s story from the beginning, trying to guess what would happen with my many theories as Estelle is somewhat of an unreliable narrator. The conclusion proved my theories wrong and left me excited to read the next debut from Alexandra Burt.


    BIO: Olivia Brennan works as a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Script Assistant & Assistant Script Editor. Follow Olivia as @LivSFB on Twitter and check out her website, HERE.

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