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BEST OF 3: Richard Dee, Author

    1) Death Cloud, Book 1 of Young Sherlock Holmes, by Andrew Lane

    These books are a brilliant new spin on a classic, what could have happened before the adult Sherlock we know and love. I do enjoy a good backstory, this one, and the rest of the series, have plenty of action and adventure, all told with logic and eye to detail.

    2) Knife, Book 1 of the Faery Rebels series, by RJ Anderson

    Excellent fantasy with a real twist, this story is so much more than just another fairy tale. Knife is the story of a feisty female with a world to explore. The emotion that the author squeezes out of the character as the story progresses makes this a rollercoaster ride.

    3)  Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson

    This is a story about the power of emotions, of friendship, imagination, childhood games, bullying, relationships and overcoming. Although there is sadness, this is an ultimately uplifting and powerful story, so realistically written in parts that it takes your breath away.

    BIO: I’m Richard Dee and I live in Brixham, Devon. I used to travel the world for real, now I travel the Worlds in my imagination. After forty years at sea, I’ve retired to Devon where I write Science fiction and Steampunk adventures for all audiences. My Steampunk novel, The Rocks of Aserol is an adventure for everyone, complete with fiendish villains, resourceful ladies and fantastical machinery powered by steam and clockwork. Follow me on Twitter as @richarddockett1.

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