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BEST OF 3: Sharon Bairden, Book Blogger

    25492717Tuesday Falling by S Williams

    WHY I LIKE IT: A fascinating tale of sub culture London both from a gang perspective as well as the catacombs that exist underneath the city and the society that inhabits it too. The main character Tuesday is the heroine with a difference – she is taking back control her way! There is a fascinating back story to Tuesday and the detective tasked with hunting her down.

    This novel gripped me not only in a reading grip but in a conscientious grip also – this book will leave you thinking way beyond the last page. (Check out Lucy’s review of this book, HERE).

    CcehPQbW8AMd2w9-390x600Open Wounds by Douglas Skelton

    WHY I LIKE IT: I am a keen reader of Crime and in particular Scottish Crime and in even more particular Crime based in Glasgow! I love Open Wounds (and indeed all the books in this series) as Douglas has this amazing knack of bringing the reader right into the midst of the plot and indeed into the heart of the East End of Glasgow – Davie McCall is a bad boy with a difference and as a reader you cannot help to be drawn to him. This book and series drew me right in and I devoured every one of the books. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

    image-5Death Do Us Part by Steven Dunne

    WHY I LIKE IT: Steven Dunne has got to be one of the most under celebrated crime authors in the UK – why his Reaper series is not flying off the shelves I don’t know! I loved this latest novel in the series as the reader is really getting to know DI Damon Brook and what makes him tick, he’s determined, he’s fair but he is also very dark underneath – I find myself drawn to his character and relationship with other key players in his team and in his life. The plot twists keep you gripped and you just don’t want to stop reading but you don’t want it to end! (Check out Steven’s interview on CRIMINALLY GOOD on this blog, HERE).


    BIO: My name is Sharon and I just said goodbye to my 40s! I’m an obsessional reader and even more obsessional about crime fiction and in particular Scottish Crime fiction. I have the blogging bug and I do it as much as the rest of my life allows me! I’m passionate about books and want to share that passion with others – I want the world to read! Check out my blog HERE, follow me on Twitter as @sbairden and LIKE my FB page Sharon Loves Books.

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