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BEST OF 3: Susan Hunter, Book Lover

    1) Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

    What a read! This is THE book which changed my reading tastes from the likes of James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Mark Bilingham and others. It is a gripping read

    Single female, Catherine meets gorgeous Lee and a relationship begins. A love story you may think, a great catch? As Catherine’s friends are captivated by Lee, he can do no wrong. A story of control, isolation and abuse which is frightening and heartbreaking. 

    I was curious about this book and after seeing a lot of great recommendations, I decided to give it a go! This was my first venture into the world of psychological thrillers and it is certainly not the last. For me the plot was believable and it is that which made it all the more terrifying to read.  It’s also my first” Domestic Noir” or ” behind closed doors”, as I often see this type of read is now called.

    I read this book in October 2014 and still remember it vividly. This is always going to be a favourite of mine being the first of this type of book I read.

    2) Bloq by Alan Jones

    “Bill Ingram tried ringing his daughter’s mobile, just before he left the house at 6 o’clock, to see if her train was running on time, but her voicemail message told him that her number was unavailable. ‘She must be in a tunnel or something’, he thought. He headed for the station, always a stickler for leaving himself plenty time to spare for everything he did, especially when meeting Carol. Everything was ready, so there was no point hanging around at home.”

    This is the first paragraph of Bloq. From this point I was hooked. Carol didn’t get off the train. I really empathised with Bill, as on many occasions I would be waiting at Durham train station waiting for my daughter to return from University. 

    His desperate search for his daughter is an emotional, traumatic and shocking journey. 

    I was given an ARC of Bloq by Alan Jones, in exchange for an honest review. On reading the blurb, I thought ” This might be an OK book” — I was wrong, it was more than OK, it was fantastic! WOW, what an amazing read!

    This book stirred all emotions.The relentless search by Bill Ingram for his daughter Carol is an emotional, thrilling, exciting and also disturbing journey. From the moment Carol Ingram did not get off the train, I was totally gripped by this book.

    This is a book which I will one day read again. That is something I usually do intentionally!

    3) Between You and Me by Lisa Hall

    Hard to believe this is a debut novel! I have now developed a penchant for twists in books. This book had the biggest twist of all the books I had read. It is for that reason this is one of my favourites. A marmite book!

    Quite a few readers discovered the twist and were quite scathing about Between You and Me, but for me, I was taken in hook, line and sinker! I had to actually re-read several chapters! From the beginning I was drawn into the lives of husband and wife, Charlie and Sal. (Just like I was supposed to!) The OMG twist in this book is amazing. I was left thinking about this book for several days after finishing it. I would highly recommend it! 

    BIO: A member of several online book clubs, Susan Hunter’s favourite genre is crime fiction. She is part of Admin team on Crime Fiction Addict and UK Crime Book Club on Facebook.

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