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Best Of 3: Awesome Unreliable Narrators

    I just LOVE unreliable narrators in crime fiction, so for my latest ‘Best of 3’ picks, I’m choosing novels I’ve enjoyed recently where you just can’t tell if the main character is telling the truth or not … Enjoy!


    1) IN A DARK, DARK WOOD by Ruth Ware

    You just KNOW that if a bunch of friends go into a wood, *someone’s* gonna end up dead … But Ware does a great job of avoiding the usual things we might expect. Headed up by a diverse cast, I marvelled at the simple, yet effective  set up – I can totally see this as a movie, so am not surprised Reese Witherspoon’s prodco has snapped up the rights. Read my full review (no spoilers), HERE.

    2) THE ICE TWINS by S.K Tremayne

    I’m OBSESSED with twins and multiples (I’m even married to a triplet!), plus it’s partly set in Devon, where I live, so I HAD to read this one! It’s such a great concept and so visual, plus everyone’s POV seems so set against one another’s, keeping you on the backfoot right until the end. Read my full review, HERE.

    3) WRECKAGE by Emily Bleeker 

    With lean and lyrical prose, Bleeker’s writing in WRECKAGE reminds me very much of Gillian Flynn’s. Taking the notion of a ‘desert island paradise’ and ripping it inside out, the scenes there are just brilliant. I almost wish we’d seen the whole story play out there, rather than in retrospect. Read my full review, HERE.

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