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Celebrating Female Leads This World Book Day

    It’s World Book Day!

    We love World Book Day in our house, here’s a pic of my girls Lilirose, 10 and Emmeline, 5. Lilirose is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series and Emmeline is of course Alice from Alice In Wonderland. I love that both my girls consistently choose female protagonists for their costumes every year. Girl power in action!


    This site is well-known for its fantastic infographics about reading and fictional characters, so I was delighted when Office Genie got in touch with this great one below. In it they pull out some fave characters from books and posit what they would be earning today if they were real people.

    Seems a bit harsh that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series would only be earning about £6K less than Lenny from Of Mice And Men as a ranch worker. Dumbledore has so much responsibility at Hogwart’s … and that’s BEFORE we factor in the danger involved with Voldemort and his evil mates  attacking them all the time!!!

    Just £11K as an author though … Yep, seems about right! I’m always broke! But I’ll be in good company with David Copperfield. Is your job on this list?

    Love Female Protagonists?

    Then why not check out THE DECISION this World Book Day … These are books in which a female lead is faced with ALL the possible outcomes of a single dilemma. To read an exclusive excerpt of each book, click on the links below:



    Or to find out more details about the series, click on the pic below. Enjoy!

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