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CRIMINALLY GOOD: interview with author Gwyn GB

    1) So, who are you & what have you written?

    My name is Gwyn GB, the GB stands for my extremely long surname – Garfield-Bennett which I inherited from my husband. I am the author of Lonely Hearts, a crime thriller, as well as a literary/women’s fiction book, Islands.

    I’ve always been a writer. From year dot I was writing books and I became a TV journalist to continue my writing passion. I also wanted to write TV drama scripts but, after struggling for years to get a script accepted, I decided to take my writing career into my own hands and indie published my books. I am one of the new author-preneurs who not only write but also handle the business side of their writing.

    Neither of my two titles were ever sent to an agent or publisher, but they have been produced with editing and book cover professionals. No book can be a lone project and you have to use professionals to ensure you get a product that is as good as it can be. You can find out more about me on my website, HERE. I’m also on Facebook as GwynGBwriter and Twitter @GwynGB.

    2) Why do you write crime fiction?

    Crime gives you so many dramatic storylines. What can be more suspenseful than the battle between life and death?

     3) What informs your crime writing?

    Real life definitely. I will read a story in a newspaper and it will plant a grain of an idea in my head that then develops. I also think whatever you are doing at the time informs your writing, but I have gone out with the police to get a feel for their jobs and I watch documentaries about people who I wouldn’t usually come across to get an insight into other peoples’ lives.

     4) What’s your usual writing routine?

    A writing routine is tough for me as like many writers I work full time and have kids, a husband and two geriatric pets – a 17 ½ year old dog and 13 year old goldfish – all of whom want my time (yes the goldfish nags too). When I’m writing or editing I basically work every evening and as much of the weekend as I can. I will also get up early in the morning, often helped by my dog!

    Unfortunately sleep becomes the victim and so I get used to having bags under my eyes. Before writing though, when I am planning the book, I find I need to go away from everybody and everything. For Lonely Hearts I booked myself into an AirBnB for two nights and just locked myself away with my pyjamas, wine and my fave food. Bliss.

    5) Which crime book do you wish YOU’D written, and why?

    I just love Sherlock Holmes because of the strength of the characters and his quirkiness. They are just so atmospheric too. I like books where the setting is as strong as the characters within it.

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