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CRIMINALLY GOOD: Interview with Richard Kurti, author and screenwriter

    016.richard_kurtiSo, who are you & what have you written?

    I am Richard Kurti, a writer constantly searching for new challenges! For many years my core work was screenwriting (check me out on IMDb). Then I took all the things I’d learnt about story structure for film and TV, and applied them to novels, such as my latest MALADAPTED, published this month. Since then I’ve branched out further, into radio and beyond! Here’s my website and you can follow me on Twitter as @Richard_Kurti.

    Why do you write crime fiction?

    Thrillers and crime fiction are highly disciplined genres that get close to the driving tempo of mainstream movies. They need to be emotional, have engaging characters and interesting themes, but they also need to work as pieces of machinery. The plots need to be rigorous and well-constructed, the twists and reversals need to keep coming and make sense.

    I think it’s all that structure and discipline that really appeals to me.

    Instagram025UKcoverWhat informs your crime writing?

    I’m fascinated by stories where society is the criminal.

    Monkey Wars is about the rise to power of a tyrant, and how an entire community becomes complicit in his crimes.

    Maladapted is about how the drive for progress and the miracle cures of genetic medicine, can lead to an entire City compromising its morality.

    What’s your usual writing routine?

    I work in three very distinctive writing shifts: 08.00 until 10.00; then 10.00 until 12.30; then 14.30 until 16.30. Paperwork, bills and social media all get attended to in the evening.

    Usually the writing shifts are spent in my study, but I have a small laptop that travels everywhere with me, so that I can use train journeys and times between meetings to crack on with projects.

    Which crime book do you wish YOU’D written, and why?

    The crime movie I would love to have written is the Coen Brothers’ The Man Who Wasn’t There. Simply brilliant from start to finish!


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