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Did 2020 Change YOUR Reading Habits?

    How did you spend your free time in 2020?

    2020 has meant a lot of free time for many people … or no free time at all! My year has fallen into the latter category, but what of the rest of you?

    Because of coronavirus, many people spent a lot more time at home. Some turned to watching YouTube and Netflix, others played video games, baked bread, or made crafts.

    Bibliophiles only had one thing on their mind, however — churning through more of their favourite books.

    How exactly did coronavirus change our reading habits? Which countries read the most? And what books and genres did we dive into?

    Editing and proofreading service Global English Editing gathered statistics from various sources to answer these questions. They summarized all the findings in a great new infographic on world reading habits in 2020.

    Some of the most interesting finding include:

    • 35% of people read more because of coronavirus

    • Print books are still more popular than eBooks, although the gap narrowed significantly this year

    • Maybe because single people couldn’t find love in a time of social isolation, romance books flew off the shelf like never before.

    For more eye-opening insights into world reading habits this year, check out the infographic below.

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