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Everything You Need To Know About Star Ratings

    So I was on the lovely Emma Welton’s Damp Pebbles blog talking about star ratings recently! So many reviewers have different feelings about stars, such as how they should be used and what they mean, that I thought I’d share my take with everyone. Enjoy!

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    If there’s anything that gets authors, readers, book bloggers and social media lurkers talking online, it’s the reviews system!

    Just what IS a ‘good’ review, or a bad one? Are they for readers’ benefit, or the author’s? Should authors respond to bad reviews? Should book bloggers not review books not enjoyed, or is that dishonest? The list goes on and on.

    As well as being an author, I am a passionate reader and book reviewer. As well as reviewing my own crime fiction book picks via my ‘Best of 3’ feature on my blog and on my Goodreads profile, I opened up the floor for others to do the same, too. (If you want to send me *your* ‘Best of 3’ of your favourite crime fiction novels, CLICK HERE).

    Having been a book reviewer for over eighteen months now, here’s my Star Rating Guide based on my experiences …

    CLICK HERE to go over to Emma’s site to read the whole article. Enjoy!

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