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    A New Name

    If you’ve been following me for a good while, you’ll know I am shameless hussy at heart … so given I’ve started writing novels and short stories in the past few years, it was only a matter of time before I started writing EROTICA.

    That’s right, I have yet another new pen name: MIA RYDER (super LOL!).

    Yes, obviously my new story is an absolute filth-fest, so it seemed only right I should allow one of my BANG2writers to pick my new saucy pseudonym … Veteran Banger (oo er) Mr. Liam Kavanagh, take a bow!

    The first in my SEX. DEATH. REPEAT novella series has gone live this SHOCKTOBER. Titled LITTLE DEATHS, it’s published by Spellbound Books.

    My stories follow the fates of Nick, a demon in the sack who loves to give women – and a few men – exactly what they want. Check out the awesome cover at the bottom of this post!

    What inspired Little Deaths

    So I was in the middle of lockdown one and like many people, very bored but also feeling run ragged thanks to various responsibilities and working from home in the midst of the pandemic.

    Meeting with several of my friends on Zoom, we all talked about how we wanted to read something that was fun and could distract us, but we all felt uber-serious stuff and full-blown novels were beyond us at that time.

    I said, ‘How about an erotica short story?’

    Everyone agreed this was a great idea and I was just the person to write it as I am the kind of horndog who never gets embarrassed (they got me). Even better, I’d already written one because I also never stop writing.

    So I polished it up and sent them to my friends and a bunch of other contacts because why not. Hilariously, one loved Little Deaths so much she commissioned me to write a bunch more for her at her new venture, Spellbound Books (thanks Sumaira! MWAH).

    The Feedback

    ‘This story is a DISGRACE … I love it.’

    ‘I like how you mix stuff about mental health with crazy-hardcore f***ing. Respect.’

    ‘This dude is welcome at my house any time.’

    But of course, those peeps are my friends, so I had to find some Bang2writers to test it on.

    I found some, sent it out and the consensus was YES! YES! YES!

    Oh I did get one serious NOPE … another early beta reader freaked out on me, wrote me a hella angsty and outraged email, then blocked me on available platforms.

    I can’t say I didn’t warn them … but honestly I don’t think I could get a better compliment than that. Arf!

    (Don’t) Buy this Book!

    Needless to say, I’d love you to read Little Deaths … as long as you realise this is a story NOT for the faint of heart!

    But if you are a fan of super-saucy feminist erotica that deals with commentary on consent and mental health, then CLICK HERE or the cover pic below. Can’t wait to share it with you!

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