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If You Love Science Fiction, Check Out This Infographic

    Best Science Fiction EVER

    Science fiction takes us to whole new worlds, makes us question our own reality, and gets us excited (or in some cases terrified) for the future.

    So, with thousands of science fiction books out there, which ones are worth your time?

    Thankfully, Global English Editing has narrowed down the search by creating a great new infographic featuring the 16 best science fiction books of all time.

    Whether you’re new to science fiction or hardcore book and film lover, there’s something on this list for everyone.

    Take a trip down memory lane with Frankenstein, go on an intergalactic adventure with The Martian, or sit and ponder the intense truths behind Ender’s Game.

    Though many of these books are set in different worlds, the lessons they teach and questions they pose are still very much applicable to us here on earth.

    Check out Global English Editing’s infographic below. Enjoy!

    Which Ones Are Your Favourite?

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