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INFOGRAPHIC: 2021 Reading Habits Around The World

    Reading Habits in 2021

    Despite living in a digital age, most of us still agree that nothing beats a paperback or hardback in our hands.

    Global English Editing has just released a new infographic, summing out the world’s reading habits in 2021. And the data is clear: real books are still more popular than digital ones.

    66% of us say that printed books offer a more unique and fulfilling reading experience than e-books.

    Although the world is increasingly tech-savvy, e-book sales have stalled this year and make up just 9% of the total book industry revenue.

    Interestingly, audiobooks continue to boom and are predicted to steadily grow over the years.

    These are just some of the findings from Global English Editing’s research into world reading habits in 2021.

    Check out the infographic below to discover more fascinating facts. Enjoy!

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