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INFOGRAPHIC: Inspiring Bedtime Stories For Young Girls

    If you’re an avid reader, you likely grew up reading everything you could get our hands on. From fairytales to wild fantasies, no page was left unturned. However for many, there is one type of story that is read less frequently than others: tales with empowered, clever, and independent female role models. These stories can be surprisingly hard to find. Princess books and fairytales may be fun for young girls, they miss out on the opportunity to teach children important lessons for later in life.

    That’s why Sleep Advisor compiled this list of bedtime stories to inspire and empower young girls. Show your daughter or niece that women can and do make a difference with a book from the section on historical figures. Or, give her the tools to grow up confident and self-assured with a book from their fictional section. Or for the girl who loves princesses, read her a story from their modern fairytale section that shows princesses can fight dragons, too.

    Reading an empowering bedtime story with your child is a great way to get them ready for bed, and give them the tools for success later in life. Check out the full list below to find the perfect book. Happy reading!


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