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INFOGRAPHIC: Serial Killers Through The Decades

    Following on from last week in which I posted an infographic detailing the brain of a serial killer, many thanks to CriminalJusticeDegreehub for this one, which gives a crash course on the history of serial killers through the decades.

    Some of the people below are so infamous you will recognise them immediately; others will be new to you. What links them all are their horrifying acts and lack of remorse. Though there are some patterns linking them, scientists, psychiatrists and researchers STILL don’t know exactly what causes some people to become serial killers and not others.

    Intriguingly, the infographic also offers unusual differentiation between “psychosis” and “psychopath”. This is something people frequently mix up, even writers of novels and screenplays, so it’s great to see some accessible information out there on this subject.

    If you know of any interesting infographics on real life crime or crime writing, do EMAIL ME with the link.


    Source: Bloodthirsty: Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer [Infographic]

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