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    From Sherlock to Poirot (and beyond!), MANY of our favourite TV Detectives have started in crime novels, which was I found the infographic below particularly interesting.

    With “cops n’ docs” forming a huge chunk of our television characters, there’s obviously many more TV detectives than *just* the ones in this infographic. However, I did like the fact the graphic-makers here have tried to include a more diverse list than average, plus they’ve taken account of different tastes – ie. cosy crime, Scandi-noir, traditional, etc.

    I think overall my favourite here is Miss Marple. I loved Agatha Christie as a child and loved Geraldine McEwan’s portrayal of her – she was exactly how I imagined the character!

    That said, there will always be a place in my heart for Jane Tennison in Lynda La Plante’s amazing Prime Suspect, starring the mighty Helen Mirren.

    Which TV detective is YOUR favourite? 

    TV DETECTIVES INFOGRAPHIC from Delayed Gratification, the Slow Journalism magazine. Click here for zoomable version.

    1 thought on “INFOGRAPHIC: TV Detectives”

    1. I loved Murder She Wrote or another favorite was Rockford Files. He was rugged yet gentle when needed. Not forgetting cute! We always watched him. And I don’t want to forget Columbo. He had a knack of digging out the killer.

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