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Literary Homes – Which Is Your Favourite?

    We all imagine the homes of our favourite characters, from ‘real world’ characters like Sherlock Holmes, through to the more horrifying like Dracula, or fantasy like The Weasley’s from Harry Potter.

    So when Rhian got in touch with me offering to show me the posters of literary homes her team had made, I HAD to see them!!

    I love the ‘minimalist’ look and muted colours they’ve chosen, for starters. I could imagine any one of these as a poster on my wall in my study (IF I still had one … my teen son is currently living in it at the moment, WAAAAAH!).

    I kept changing my mind over which is my favourite. Obviously my dark psyche is immediately drawn to both Dracula’s and Doctor Jekyll’s … Plus I also love pink, so Mis Havisham’s home is a draw.

    I also love the version of Wuthering Heights here. Living in Devon, I’ve always felt a kinship with that novel since I am as well acquainted with the moors down here as Kathy and Heathcliff are with the Dales.

    Ultimately though, I think the Gatsby Mansion is my favourite. I love the contrasts of the shapes and colours here, right down to the fountain. And I fully intend to be a gazillionaire like Jay Gatsby one day, so will live in a house just like this!

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