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LONDON NOIR by Ann Girdharry – read an exclusive excerpt!

    I’m delighted to share an excerpt from Ann Girdharry’s LONDON NOIR today, courtesy of the Blog Blitz being organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.

    This is the very first excerpt as part of a blog blitz, eek! As I like enigmatic males and perpetrators, this sounds right up my street too. Add it your Goodreads, wishlists and get clicking now!

    Here is when we first meet the perpetrator…

    I suppose the realisation I was different stole up on me slowly.

    There were signs from early on, if I’m honest. Like my first year in primary school when Mirabella wet her knickers in front of the whole class – the girls were mortified and the boys laughed and I was excited.

    So, yeah, I knew I was different. To survive, I learned to act like my friends and I’m so good, pretty much everyone in my life would say I’m normal and I like that because it means I’m clever.

    One thing I’ve learned is that when you’ve wanted something for a long time, your mind makes tracks in the sand showing exactly how it’s going to turn out. You anticipate your own excitement and what the other person will say and do. Those tracks start out delicate and then solidify with each replaying of the fantasy, until they get to be as firm as a rail track. The fantasy can keep me occupied for months only, at some point, I have to have the real deal the flash of horror in their eyes, the desperate urge to plea for mercy, bowels voiding and dribbling down a leg. It’s the helplessness that grabs me – when they realise there’s absolutely nothing they can do. It’s the best drug in the world.

    And, with me, it’s the eyes that are captivating. The windows of the soul – unable to lie in the final moments.

    About The Book:

    Memory loss, nightmares, the urge to kill – Sophie has it all. Is it really Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or something more sinister? Kal is about to find out…

    After a near-fatal road accident, Kal helps Sophie, a young girl in trouble.

    The girl’s friends are being murdered one by one. Why? And who by?
    Kal must kick start herself out of her downward spiral to save the young stranger.

    But Kal is in the grip of the London Cartel, and is someone after the girl, or is the girl after someone?

    Purchase London Noir on Kindle.

    Purchase London Noir in Paperback.

    About The Author:

    Ann Girdharry is a British crime suspense thriller author.

    A trained psychotherapist, she worked for many years as a manager in the not-for-profit sector, for agencies working with carers, vulnerable older people, survivors of abuse, and victims of racial attacks.

    She currently lives in Montpellier, France with her husband and two children.

    Her debut novel, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL, is an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD Finalist 2017.

    Her second crime suspense thriller, LONDON NOIR, published October 2017.

    She is also author of Chilling Tales of the Unexpected Short Reads.

    LIKE Ann’s Facebook page, follow her on Goodreads and Twitter as @GirdharryAnn.



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