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Most Popular Books of 2018 and World Reading Habits

    Your novel or screenplay is being polished, and you are almost ready to launch it out into the world.

    You’re going to be pretty interested then in the reading habits of different countries, so that you know the best places to publish. Reading rates differ around the world, and certain books are more popular in particular countries.

    The country that spent the most hours reading in 2018 was India, followed by Thailand, China, and Philippines. Surprisingly, the countries that spent among the least hours reading were the USA, Germany, and Canada.

    Europeans certainly don’t skimp on spending money on books. Households in Europe spend $240 per person on books and newspapers per year, which is more than what they would spend on package holidays! Americans are still big buyers of books too, as 77% say they have shopped for books in 2018.

    Politics books were huge in 2018. The most popular print book worldwide was Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, while Becoming by Michelle Obama was massive in Europe.

    Regardless of where you may decide to drop your publication, rest assured that books aren’t going out of style any time soon. Whether they print, e-books, audio, or mobile, the public will always love a good story and appreciate the myriad of benefits that reading provides them.

    Take a look at Global English Editing’s infographic to learn more about global reading habits in 2018.

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